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Pets are treasured family members, and while there are many documented cases for pets suffering from separation anxiety when their owners are absent, it is also possible for pet owners to have similar anxiety issues when away from their pets.

Suet is a rich energy source ideal for many birds, especially during migration when birds need more fuel to complete their journeys or in winter when they convert the calories to essential body heat.

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Purina Branded Feeds

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Purina® Equine Videos

Caring for your Senior Horse: Head and Mouth

Dr. Chris Blevins, DVM, of Kansas State University Veterinary Medical and Teaching Hospital illustrates how to examine the head and mouth of a senior horse to determine their overall health.

Purina® SuperSport™ Supplement -- Proven, Faster Recovery

We're excited to introduce SuperSport™ amino acid supplement — proven to speed recovery* and help horses be ready for what's next.

How to Estimate Your Horse's Weight

Purina®'s Dr. Karen Davison describes how to use Purina® Weight Tape to get an accurate weight of your horse.