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60 Day Horse Feed Trial

sixty day horse feed trial

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Purina Flock-Tober

9/1/16 12:00am until 10/31/16 11:59pm
Now, it's time to celebrate your favorite ladies during Purina Flock-Tober at Llano Feed & Supply. In September and October, we will be giving away Fun new chicken coop signs when you buy Purina layer feed. Hurry into while coop sign supplies last and cheer on your Happy Hens! Then, stay tuned to our Facebook page through September and October for helpful tips and fun chances to win!

Purina® Equine Videos

3D Horse Digestion Guide

An educational tutorial on horse digestion, including how a horse breaks down food and the process of digestion.

Race Ready® with Horse Trainer Kiaran McLaughlin

Feeding the best race horses in the world requires the best horse feed.Trainer Kiaran McLaughlin and team trust Purina® Race Ready® horse feed to take them to the winner circle.

Purina - Hold Your Horses

We test our ingredients and make fine adjustments in our formulations to account for natural variance in nutrition.

Purina - Feed Greatness

Purina - Feed Greatness

Caring for your Senior Horse: Head and Mouth

Dr. Chris Blevins, DVM, of Kansas State University Veterinary Medical and Teaching Hospital illustrates how to examine the head and mouth of a senior horse to determine their overall health.

Purina® SuperSport™ Supplement -- Proven, Faster Recovery

We're excited to introduce SuperSport™ amino acid supplement — proven to speed recovery* and help horses be ready for what's next.

How to Estimate Your Horse's Weight

Purina®'s Dr. Karen Davison describes how to use Purina® Weight Tape to get an accurate weight of your horse.