Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: GameGuard

Our GameGuard bird belt combines ample storage with rugged woven nylon construction. Two high-capacity hip pouches provide ample volume for shells, gear and empty hulls. While the large rear pouch easily accommodates three to four dove or quail. A fully adjustable belt easily fits waist sizes from medium to 3X. Designed to resist snagging in underbrush our rugged woven nylon also resists staining and cleans easily with soap and water.

Available in 12 GA High Brass, 12 GA Game Load, 16 GA Game Load, 20 GA

  • Model Number: G2X

The G2X Pro is a compact yet powerful polymer-body flashlight that uses a high-efficiency LED—virtually immune to failure since there's no filament to burn out or break—to provide two light output levels: a brilliant, penetrating, perfectly pre-focused 320-lumen beam, and a 15-lumen low-output setting that lets you greatly extend the runtime per set of batteries, an invaluable option when you find yourself miles from civilization.

  • Model Number: P2X

The P2X Fury uses a high-efficiency, virtually failure-proof LED to deliver your choice of either 15 or 500 lumens of perfectly focused light, the latter qualifying the Fury as a pocket-sized searchlight.

Kill Light Extra Long Range Tactical Rifle Light. If you are looking for a heavy duty affordable long distance tactical light system for your rifle then look no further! This high powered green LED light has an effective range of up to 250 yards at an unbelievably affordable price! Take out those hogs, predators, raccoons, and varmints by turning your hunting rifle into a night time killing machine!

Several years of testing, research and development have finally brought us the ultimate, affordable and portable feeder light for night time hog hunting or game observation! Utilizing a built in dusk til dawn sensor the light can be self powered for several nights by either 4 C batteries (not included) or by using the built in auxiliary power jack with included power cord for attaching to a 6 or 12 volt feeder battery or even a large car or marine battery to power the 24 special green LED's that will not spook game animals, pest and varmints! This light will automatically come on at dark and turn back off at sunrise. Quickly and easily attaches one of three ways.

  • Model Number: HW9006

Doves love to congregate with each other and around any type of dead snag. The all new MOJO Dove Tree is the easiest way to display your decoys and becomes a dove magnet. Light weight and portable, easy to set up, accommodates all current decoys plus the popular MOJO Dove Decoy, to make it one of the most effective dove hunting tools since MOJO revolutionized dove hunting with the MOJO Motorized Decoy. Complete with carrying bag.

  • Model Number: HW2300

The MOJO Dove has been one of the great success stories in all of hunting having revolutionized the way we hunt doves. MOJO has redesigned this decoy in the all NEW MOJO VooDoo Dove (Puts the MAGIC on them). Redesigned with a larger, more realistic body in the correct landing position, now with magnetically connected wings (no more thumb screws).

  • Model Number: HW9004

Realistic, hard body molded plastic decoys that, unlike others on the market, are fitted with MOJO’s patented breast peg mounting system that also comes with a clothes pin adaptor allowing the mounting on just about any support, including limbs, wires, branches or support poles. Adds true realism, works well with the popular MOJO motorized decoy. Includes 4 per package.

  • Manufacturer: Plano Synergy Outdoor Products
  • Model Number: 34094

Hog Wild will drive hogs crazy! Hogs will root a hole over three feet deep to get the last grain of this irresistible attractant. Hog Wild attracts many different wild animals...using the flavor of crushed berries and molasses. Use it to top grains, feeds, entice bear, attract all types of deer, or make a hog root for hours. Many uses with one outcome - Put it out and a Beast will come to Feast!

  • Manufacturer: Surefire Flashlights

SureFire® makes an extensive line of parts and accessories for its flashlights, WeaponLights, and other tactical products. All SureFire parts and accessories are designed and built to the same outstanding levels of quality and advanced design that SureFire is known for, the world over.

From meager beginnings of selling to the local outfitter or attending small table top shows around the state, GameGuard® has now become become a well-recognized brand with an almost cult-like following. GameGuard® is no longer a little fish in a big pond but the brand that Texans and most hunters of the Southwest United States, recognize as the products to buy.

  • Manufacturer: Icehole Coolers

For hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, or tailgating, ICEHOLE  is the new standard - keep your ice, food, and drinks colder longer.  It’s the perfect gift to use at a game, mountain biking, or a concert. Built to last for that long expedition or unexpected power outage, whatever you call that sporting equipment you use to hold ice – a premium cooler, a sports cooler, cool box, portable ice chest - ICEHOLE  is better by design.

  • Manufacturer: YETI

Unlike ordinary coolers, which are essentially disposable, YETI Coolers are made to last! Broken handles, busted hinges, failed latches, caved-in lids, cracked corners… sound familiar? If you’re like most, you’ve experienced all of these with the coolers you’ve owned. Even the most expensive ordinary coolers can’t take the punishment dished out by the average outdoorsman, let alone the pros. That’s why we make YETI Coolers.