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Texas Backcountry Hangouts - 3rd Edition: A Guide to Country Stores, Backwoods Bars, and other notable rural Texas venues devoted to the relaxation, comestation, and socialization arts 

  • Model Number: XBBBP-13545

All aboard! Our Christmas Choo-Choo puzzle book features removable puzzle pieces with two ways to play - match the color to the train car or connect all of the cars together to create Santa's Christmas Train.

Ruff Rigs Dump Truck can do some major hauling. Just move the bed up and down to trigger its unloading action. Features include: steel construction, free-wheeling, and a moveable bed for dumping. 4.5" oversized wheels and realistic details. Measures 14.5" X 9.5" X 8.5". Ages 3+.

Explore the world of real building with Steel Works, the classic steel construction set. Be inspired, challenged and amazed as you explore your creativity and imagination. The durable steel parts let you build and rebuild real toys you can play with. Build something you are proud to display or take it apart and try something new. Each set comes with real steel parts, tools and detailed instructions. Perfect for creative builders ages 8+.

Kids will love this pet project! With 8 crafts in each box, little hands are busy and young minds are learning. Kid will love making paper animal garland, a felt animal wallet, a felt bunny necklace, an animal poster, a yarn wrapped lion, animal ear headbands, a cute pom pom Paw print charm, and a fun mask.

Kit includes 1 zippered purse, 1 fringed piece of faux suede, 2 yards of thread, 3 cardboard stencils and 1 fabric marker. Perfect for makeup, accessories, tablets or carried as a pretty purse. Using the stencils and marker, you design the bag on both sides. Style is in the bag!

Stretched out on tummies on a rainy Saturday afternoon, feet tucked up with Grandma at her kitchen table, wearing silly hats on a play-date: childhood is full of puzzle-doing opportunities. Once little hands have mastered beginner puzzles, they're ready to dig into floor puzzles. 24 large, sturdy pieces make these just challenging enough, and our signature, cheerful artwork brings big smiles (and plenty of story-telling opportunities). Ages 3 & up.

Our best-selling line of pop-outs are bigtime crowd pleasers. Craft project? Room decor? Play characters? All of the above! Comes with a total of 4 sheets of chunky board, printed on both sides. Each page measures 5" x 7" x 1/8".

  • Manufacturer: Mud Pie
  • Model Number: 4255018

4-piece set. Galvanized beer bottle cap coasters feature printed "IS IT beer THIRTY YET?," "Drink LOCAL," "MY bucket LIST 1. BEER 2. ICE" and "In DOG BEERS I've only had ONE" sentiments on cork centers. Coasters come stacked and tied for gifting.

  • Model Number: 54225

Camo Power Popper has a fun, sporty look and includes 12 bright hunting orange balls. The soft foam balls don’t hurt and make it a great indoor or outdoor product. The faster you slide the handles back and forth, the faster and further the balls launch out!

A collection of animal tea towels for targeting those dirty dishes! Now you can be a good sport at mealtime mess and dry the dishes with these vintage target tea towels! The great farmyard illustrations are printed on 100% unbleached cotton. Set your sights on cleaning up with these tea towel targets hung in your kitchen.

  • Model Number: 54350

Grab that Moose by the mid-section and give him a squeeze! That sudden air pressure launches a soft foam ball up to 20 feet. The harder you squeeze, the faster and further the ball shoots out. Includes six soft foam balls. Works with all Power Popper refills.

Lonestar State, Rustic Star, Cowboy, Rustic Cross, Western Boot, Doodle Longhorn, Appaloosa, Arnie Armadillo Metals: All of Pilgrim’s metal designs are composed of three different metals—nickel, copper, and brass.

  • Manufacturer: Leanin' Tree

You'll find the perfect Holiday Greeting for everyone on your list — including your friends, family, and business associates! Choose individual designs or select from many value-priced boxed assortments — you'll find everything from cheerful Santas, to funny holiday cards, to scenic landscapes, and religious sentiments. 

A beard balm with a manly base, notes of tobacco, followed with a heart of exotic spices, crowned by hints of fresh-cut cactus.

We all know beards are babe magnets, but their pull is so strong, they can also attract the odd crumb, stench and split end. Is that a reason to go barefaced? Hardly. Walton Wood Farm’s new Beard Balm conditions, nourishes and refreshes your beard or mustache (and that baby face underneath). The Gentleman will get your handlebar on point, The Beast tames the grizzly in your playoff grizzle and The Adventurer keeps your Fu Manchu in line so it won’t get caught in your ripcord, The Texan will get that wild mane whipped into shape. You can complement your favorite cologne by using the matching beard balm or, discover an alter-ego and try something new. Who says a gentleman and a beast can’t get along?

Stubby Strip is an alternative to carrying a limited number of drinks without the need to lug an Eski around back and forth as the stubby Strip rolls into a small package that is easy to stow away after use which makes it perfect for some occasions such as taking a few drinks for the kids to the park, going to the beach, vising a mate to watch the Footy or BBQ, Picnics, etc. 

Fluffy Layer’s product line includes Egg Aprons, Harvest Aprons, Farm Aprons and Kid Aprons to our new Home and Textile products, they add a touch of farm and garden gorgeous to your life no matter your lifestyle, because, after all- “There is a farm girl in all of us®”

  • Model Number: 02SWA57C

26" x 33". Sarah watts is an independent illustrator/designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. She studied at Ringling college of art and design where she earned her BFA in illustration and gained a strong drawing foundation. Along with her passion for textiles, she is also an image maker of books, gig posters and stationery. 

Advanced formula kills both large and small roaches 24 hours a day where they hide and breed -- behind your walls. Kills continuously up to 3 months. Contains four (4) child-resistant bait stations with Abamectin, the active ingredient proven effective in eliminating even severe roach infestations.

Convenient, easy to use three-pack eliminates cockroaches, ants, fleas, flies, Palmetto Bugs, spiders, waterbugs, and other insects and keeps killing for 12 weeks. For use in homes, apartments, attics, basements, garages, kennels and cabins. Each 2-oz fogger treats up to 2000 cu.ft. Non-staining, water-based formula leaves no oily residue.

  • Manufacturer: Starbar

Recommended for perimeter use, Giant FlyRelief™ trap catches twice as many flies as the FlyRelief™ trap.  Disposable fly traps come with built-in attractant and are excellent for use around pets, in the yard, kennel and garbage containers.

Inspired by the glamour of delicate lace, this feminine fragrance is for the modern cowgirl. Lace opens up with intoxicating fruity notes of lemon zest, Italian bergamot, and grapefruit. The notes found deep in the heart of tradition of classic western lifestyle and captured in the heart of the scent are velvet rose, star jasmine, and orange blossom. The rich blend of precious woods and vanilla create a truly irresistible scent. The heritage of Lace in the Western lifestyle runs deep in the heart of any Cowgirl. From the detailing on the collar and cuffs of her blouses, to the petticoats under her skirts, Lace is a feminine touch in a wild world.

  • Model Number: by Jennifer Ward

There was a coyote who swallowed a flea, Plucked from his knee, that tickly flea. Yippee-o-Ki-Yee! Skinny ol' Coyote delights readers of all ages as he swallows his way through this delicious southwestern-flavored retelling of a well-loved rhyme. As Coyote gets bigger, the story gets zanier as a bird, a bull, and even an entire cactus end up as dinner. It's pure fun for everyone—even that little flea. Call him silly to swallow a chile! Yippee-o-Ki-Yee!