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Our famous blend of five beneficial composts with a trace of minerals. Our Revitalizer™ Compost contains NO BioSolids (sewer sludge)! We select the highest quality compost available and blend this product one batch at a time.

Poly-Mart Rainwater Harvesting Tanks come standard with a stainless steel strainer basket installed on the top of the tank. The strainer basket is the entry point of the rainwater tank and keeps large debris like sticks and leaves from getting into the tank.  There is also a stainless steel screened overflow assembly, an outlet bulkhead fitting and a 3/4″ bulkhead fitting for a water hose spigot.  The stainless steel screened overflow assembly is designed for directing overflown water during large rain storms while keeping pests & mosquitoes out of the rainwater collection tank. Available sizes: 150 Gallon to 2500 Gallon.

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company

This kit contains everything a new beekeeper needs to get started in one box! Featuring our Little Giant 10-frame Langstroth hive including frames with foundation installed, gloves, veil, smoker, smoker fuel, bee brush, hive tool, frame feeder and the book Beekeeping for Dummies. Bees must be purchased separately.

  • Manufacturer: Scotts Miracle-Gro Garden Products
  • Model Number: 70338

Use Miracle-Gro Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Spikes once a season, Spring & Fall, to promote lush, beautiful foliage on your trees and shrubs! For both deciduous and flowering trees and shrubs.

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company

Molded from the finest corded rubber on the market, nothing matches the pliability and strength of DuraFlex rubber. Crush-proof, crack-proof, and freeze-proof so you can use it indoors or outdoors year-round.

Back to Nature Cotton Burr Compost is truly nature's perfect soil conditioner. When properly composted, cotton burrs are an excellent food source for the beneficial soil organisms that help to make nutrients available to plants, aerate the soil, and help to keep harful organisms and dieseases in check. Cotton Burr Compost has excellent mositure-retention characteristics and is prized for its ability to break up tight clay soils. Regular cotton burr compost helps to neutralize soil pH, and if additional acidification is needed, our acidified products contain sulfur, the longest lasting elemental acidifier.

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company
  • Model Number: PHF11

This is a great economy-priced Hanging Poultry Feeder designed exclusively for the hobbyist, but with some nice features. The feed pan has anti-scratch vanes to help prevent crowding and feed waste, and the feed-saver lip minimizes spillage. The feed level in the pan can be adjusted manually to suit your needs. Attached metal hanging bracket included. Made of impact-resistant plastic that won't rust or corrode. 12 inch diameter by 11.5 inch high, holds 11 pounds of feed. Feed cover is available (Item No. PC11, sold separately).

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company

This dependable waterer provides a limitless supply of clean water for baby chicks and turkey poults through the broiler period. Extra-shallow bowl helps reduce the risk of baby birds drowning.

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company

Screw-on base combines with the Little Giant 1-Quart Screw-On Feeder/Waterer Jar (Item No. 690, sold separately) to make a gravity-feed waterer for baby chicks and small birds. 6 inch diameter by 1.5 inch high. Made of heavy-duty polystyrene Available in several colors to mix and match.

  • Manufacturer: YETI

The YETI Colster™, part of our Rambler™ series, represents the next evolution in can-insulating, hand-protecting technology. All the powers of modern science were brought to bear on this drink insulator to keep the contents of your 12 oz can or bottle chilled, including double-wall vacuum insulation and a ThermoLock™ Gasket that locks in the cold. The heavy-duty stainless steel walls are sweat-proof, so you can high-five with impunity while enjoying a tasty beverage.

  • Manufacturer: YETI

We hate when our favorite beverage loses its frosty (or piping hot) goodness before we can fully enjoy it. That’s why we over-engineered our Rambler Tumblers with kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation.

An all natural hardwood mulch aged 9-15 months to obtain a long-lasting dark color that aids and improves soil conditions and doesnt wash away. Consistent color year in and year out. Adds natural humus and nutrients to soil as it decomposes.

  • Manufacturer: Lady Bug Natural Brand

For hundreds of years dairy farmers have been applying the compost from their cows back onto the farm. Our Farm Style™ Compost is straight from the dairy farm. Farm Style™ Compost contains 100% properly composted dairy manure with wood shavings to provide a fine-textured, high quality, and all-purpose compost.

  • Manufacturer: Land O Lakes' Feed

ProNurse® Specialty Milk Replacer provides balanced nutrition for orphan animals of many different species, including: calves, foals, goat kids, lambs, piglets, llama and alpaca crias, fawns and elk calves. The product is formulated to provide optimum digestibility and foundation nutrients – helping provide a strong start that is essential in early development.

  • Manufacturer: Precision
  • Model Number: 2929-29143

Provides a Safe and Secure Habitat for 6-8 Chickens. *Number of chickens accommodated will vary based on size and breed of chickens. Complete home for chickens includes: 3-bay locking nesting box, enclosed shelter area, open air foraging area, 3 roosting bars and storage bin for tools, feed, etc.

Our Seed Potatoes are Seasonal-Call for Availability. White Kennebec, Red Lasoda, Red Pontiac.

Seasonal-Call for Availability. 
1015Y TX Supersweet,TexasLegend, WhiteBermuda, Sweet Red, Yellow Granex & White Granex

  • Manufacturer: Midwestern Pet Food, Inc

Dogs are part of our Earthborn family and deserve the best. High quality proteins, wholefood vegetables and fruits along with a bit of mastery and know-how go into each and every treat. Your dog can enjoy these tasty treats while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Manufacturer: Midwestern Pet Food, Inc

Dogs are part of our Earthborn family and deserve the best. High quality proteins, wholefood vegetables and fruits along with a bit of mastery and know-how go into each and every treat. Your dog can enjoy these tasty treats while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Manufacturer: Kaytee

Kaytee® Timothy Hay is a natural product with no preservatives or additives, and because timothy hay is lower in calcium, it may decrease the likelihood of urinary tract problems.

Gypsy Kiss is an eclectic essence for the free-spirited wanderer. Vibrant notes of sparking cassis, bergamot, and green apple twirl into a heart of rich jasmine petals. A mysterious background of creamy sandalwood and mountain oakmoss blend with vanilla orchid and sensual sueded musks, leaving an irresistible sexiness on skin.

Undeniable is a men's fragrance that appeals to the adrenaline junkie who loves the thrill of victory. The unique combination of fresh rain, basil, sage, and cypress mixed with suede and exotic woods make the Undeniable man feel invincible and alive.

  • Manufacturer: Montana Silversmiths
  • Model Number: BC2097R47

Rock 47® by Wrangler ® licensed bracelet in the Rocks and Roll design collection. This silver-tone hinged cuff bracelet makes a striking piece with an extra large square shaped turquoise colored stone on top, framed all around with small matching round and pear shaped stones. The hinged cuff is shaped of a double loop twisted rope to set more comfortably around the wrist.